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Welcome to Boho Bliss Art Studio!

Art has always been my passion, my go to for stress relief, inspiration, activating my intuition, and, of course, creative fun.

Art and quotes naturally compliment once another. A quote paired with just the right image has a powerful impact -

whether it be a quick pick-me-up, a bit of an escape through visualization, or a mantra to focus on through life's transitions.

I've always been drawn to color. Every color has its own personality, and offers the power to stir emotions, brighten the moment, trigger memories or empower us to take action.

As Claude Monet once said "Colour is my day-long joy, obsession, and torment."

My first shop - Boho Bliss Art - offers digital art prints to purchase and download at your convenience. The quote and art images you see here at Boho Bliss Art Studio are available as digital art prints there. . 

Boho Bliss Art Studio is my second Etsy shop. Here you'll find a variety of Celtic and Boho jewelry, fur baby fashion, pendulums, sun catchers, bookmarks, art prints, mixed-media art and more.

I strive to offer unique, quality products that are also affordable.

Feel free to send me a message if you have a question or an idea to tweak a product you see on either shop to make it the perfect item for you or someone you care about!


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